Benefits of ciplukan fruit for health

Do you know what are the benefits of ciplukan fruit?
Even just some time ago, this little fruit has a fantastic selling points in some Indonesian malls. Great right?

You are born and grow in the 90s certainly not foreign alike ciplukan fruit. Yes, ciplukan for the children of the 90s in the villages is a natural fruit that can be obtained with free or free alias. Fruits with the name of Physalis angulata can be obtained free of charge in various places, especially in the garden or in the area of ​​rice fields.

Even just some time ago, this little fruit has a fantastic selling points in some Indonesian malls.
But not only that guys, it turns out the ciplukan also has incredible properties to cure various diseases. Anything?
Well, here are 16 amazing benefits of ciplukan fruit.
1. Cures heart disease
One of the benefits of ciplukan fruit is to treat heart problems. The way is quite easy, take 40 pieces of ciplukan leaves and smash with a blender like juice, then drink without any mixture. Besides made like juice, the leaves can also we eat directly, but make sure it was washed first yes guys.

2. As an asthma remedy
The application of ciplukan as an asthma remedy is also relatively easy. Take the leaves and stems from the ciplukan fruit, boil and drink the boiled water. Or take the leaves, then mix with whiting then crushed by using both palms. Then wipe with water. After that coagulate on the palm of the hand so that out water is white and whitish froth. Apply on the chest, abdomen, and back.

3. Treat ringworm
The ringworm is disturbing. In addition to making not comfortable also damage the appearance if it occurs on the open body. To treat it simply destroy the leaves from the fruit ciplukan and apply on the skin affected by ringworm.

4. Lowering fever
Not just leaves, ciplukan fruit can also be consumed to reduce fever or heat, especially in children.

5. Lowering high blood pressure
Ciplukan fruit is also able to lower high blood pressure. How to drink boiled water leaves, fruit and roots for three consecutive weeks.

6. Cleaning the dirty urine
Simply by drinking boiled water from root to shoot fruit ciplukan.

7. Treat breast cancer
Breast cancer may sound like a terrible disease. But the ciplukan fruit was also able to cure this disease. Way, young shoots mixed with four seeds of rice and turmeric shoots. Then milled with grated coconut until crushed. After that the concoction was directly affixed to the breast.

8. Eliminates yellowing in newborns
Ciplukan fruit can also remove the yellow in newborns. How, ciplukan in drying to dry, then used to bathe in newborns.

9. Make people unconscious
Take root and burn. Then the ashes are mixed with whiting. After that mix with a little coconut oil, and dab on the head of a person who was unconscious.

10. Treat stroke
Drinking and eating the parts of the fruit ciplukan regularly can also help treat stroke disease you know.

Keep in mind, although this ciplukan fruit has extraordinary properties. But do not consume it with coffee yes guys, because supposedly can cause poisoning.


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